Little Jack Portable Power Back-Up Stick

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A portable, pocketable USB charger that stores enough power to fully recharge your smartphone… with a little left over just in case!Product Description
A thin, light, portable and pocketable USB battery pack that fits in your pocket, yet stores enough power to recharge your smartphone with a little left over for those just in case emergencies too. At just 21mm thin and weighing only 125g, it fits perfectly into any pocket or even a handbag.Like every Jumping Jack product, the Stick is supplied complete with 4-in-1 charging cable, combining USB, micro USB, 30 pin and Lightning compatible connections into a single cable. Slot it into the Sticks USB port and your phone will be charging in seconds.

Whats it compatible with?
This portable, pocketable USB battery pack is fully compatible with iPhones(old type & new type), iPods and smartphones from leading electronics manufacturers including Huawei, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and ZTE.

Whats in the box?
Supplied complete with product instructions and Jumping Jack 4 in 1 charging cable.





Battery Capacity [Ah]:





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