Loncin 7000i Inverter Petrol Generator


Did you know? Loncin also make engines for BMW & MV Agusta Motorcycles, their generators offer the same all-round reliability and value

The Loncin LC7000i is a 6kw petrol inverter generator. It’s incredibly mobile &  quiet and therefore it comes highly recommended for various uses but is especially suited to be used in mobile businesses such as food trucks & coffee vans, home DIY or in places where sensitive equipment is used.

The unit produces a maximum power output of 7KW (7000 watts) with a rated continuous output of 6kw from the 420cc engine. Thanks to the generously sized 28 litre fuel tank, the Loncin LC7000I inverter generator has a run time of up to almost 7 hours. There’s even an ECO throttle that keeps the LC7000I at the lowest possible RPM for extended fuel consumption and lower emissions.

One of the many selling points of the Loncin LC7000I  is that it has a low noise level of 61 dBA @ 7m. It is therefore ideal to be used in noise-sensitive areas like camp sites or even urban areas. It is remarkably easy to manoeuvre and easy to store. The large non-flat wheels make it easy to move about and it weighs in at a very modest 118KG.

It’s simple to start too; the electric starting system means that you just turn the key, push the button and you’re set to go with no ifs or buts. For emergency use, the Loncin LC7000I is also fitted with an easy recoil start (pull start) which is smooth and easy to operate. If you keep your generator well maintained, however, it will start reliably on the first push of the button.

For your convenience, There are 2 x 230v 13a UK 3 Pin sockets, 1 x 230 32a, 1 x 5v USB port fitted to the Loncin LC7000I to connect your electrical equipment up to. The power produced by this generator enables a smooth voltage output (pure sine wave). This keeps the 230v output within a +/- 3% tolerance, and therefore is safe to power smaller electronic equipment such as tv’s, laptops, etc.

As you might expect from a modern generator such as this, there is a low oil shutdown feature, and an onboard LED display which is simple and easy to read and allows you to check on important information such as output, hours run, overload, and low oil level. This handy feature allows you to make an informed decision about when to schedule a service, after the scheduled hours run time has been reached. This will ensure that the Loncin LC7000I is well maintained and perfectly capable of giving you thousands of hours of use over its long life.
If you think the Loncin LC7000I will be in storage for a considerable time, then As with all petrol engines, it is considered best practice to either drain the fuel tank then run the generator until it stops. This task will prevent any unused fuel congealing and clogging the carburettor. Or to stop the fuel from going off use a petrol additive. Remember, stale fuel can stop your generator from starting when you need it.

It’s important to note that any new generators required for any non-permanent or non-standby uses have to be Stage V / Stage 5 emissions compliant. We are pleased to state that The Loncin LC7000I meets these requirements.

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Model Loncin LC7000i
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4 stroke, forced cooling OHV
Fuel Consumption 4.3 litre/h
Starting system Recoil / electric
Net Weight 118 kg
Displacement 420 cc
Rated voltage 230 v
Running Time 6.5 hours
Rated Output 8.0 hp / 6.0 kW
Bore x Stroke 90 x 66 mm
Compression Ratio 8.5:1
Fuel Capacity 28 litres
Rated Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Voltage Regulator System FM-SPWM III
Rated Output 6.0 kW
Max Output 7.0 kW
Power Factor 1
DC Voltage (V) 12
DC Current (A) 8
Ignition System C.D.I
Noise (? 7m) 86 dBA
Dimensions (L x W x H) 920 x 765 x 773
Oil Capacity 1.35 litres

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