Stihl FS 261 C-E Bike Handle Brush Cutter


The STIHL FS 261 CE petrol brushcutter supports professionals in landscape maintenance, horticulture and agriculture particularly efficiently in various jobs. The particularly large mowing circle diameter of 520 mm is ideal for complex, large-area mowing operations and in young crop care.

The powerful STIHL 2-MIX engine combines high performance with economical consumption. Thanks to the STIHL ErgoStart, starting the STIHL FS 261 CE is very convenient. A quiet, even pull is enough to start the engine. As standard, this STIHL brush cutter is equipped with the STIHL thicket knife 300-3 , which allows you to precisely remove bushes, thorny hedges and even tough grass .

Thanks to the ergonomic two-handed handle (mower handlebar), a natural scythe movement is supported. This means you can carry out mowing work particularly efficiently and effortlessly, even on larger areas. The one-handed multi-function handle lets you control the motor with just one hand. The stop button ensures that you can quickly resume your work after a break and without additional switching. Your local STIHL specialist dealer can receive information about the machine version, running time as well as repair and maintenance instructions for your STIHL FS 261 CE via a diagnostic socket. The STIHL anti-vibration system relieves strain on your muscles and joints.

Depending on your application, you can optionally equip the STIHL FS 261 CE with other cutting tools , such as: B. with a grass cutting blade, chopping knife, circular saw blade or with different mowing heads. The large mowing guard gives you improved protection against flying clippings and small stones.

The double shoulder strap supplied as standard provides additional support, especially for longer operations. The weight of the STIHL FS 261 CE brushcutter is distributed evenly across your body.

The STIHL FS 261 CE brushcutter has received the KWF-Profi test mark from the Board of Trustees for Forestry and Forestry Technology.

  • Powerful petrol brushcutter for use on larger areas
  • For professionals in landscape maintenance, horticulture and agriculture
  • Easy starting thanks to STIHL ErgoStart
  • Standard with STIHL thicket knife 300-3
  • Comfortable double shoulder strap for long-term work with brush cutters

*Offer Includes Free 150ml 2/Stroke Oil



displacement 41.6 cm³
Performance 2/2.7 kW/hp
Performance 2.7 bhp
Weight 7.8 kg 1 )
Sound pressure level 100 dB(A) 2 )
Sound pressure level 99 dB(A) 2 )
Sound power level (norm 2022) 109dB(A)
Sound power level (norm 2022) 109dB(A)
Vibration value with plastic tool left/right 4.8/6.1 ​​m/s² 3 )
Vibration value with metal tool left/right 5/5.9 m/s² 3 )
overall length 1.80 m 4 )
Cutting circle diameter 520mm
Standard cutting tool Thicket knife 300-3
Tank contents 0.75 l
CO2 840 g/kWh

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Power Source

Petrol Powered


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